Recover iPhone 4S data without backups or being previously connected to iTunes or computer?

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    Jul 6, 2015

    I recently found my iPhone 4S from a few years back and I want to recover the data (mainly family photos, but I ALWAYS keep the rest of my data from every phone I have before discarding it) from it (it still turns on and works, it's just smashed up and doesn't hold a charge very well) but I don't know the passcode for it, I don't have ANY backup of it whatsoever and it hasn't been connected to this computer because I've only gotten it earlier this year for college.

    I've downloaded a few sketchy programs that are basically all clones of each other like EaseUS and Dr. Fone and AnyMP4, but you apparently have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get full access and I'm not even going to be dumb and try that. The only promising thing about these programs is that, with AnyMP4 for example, they ARE able to put the phone in recovery mode and retrieve the data like photos and contacts and notes and call history and messages and everything. The problem is that it will only show me previews of them (AnyMP4 gives me all of the notes though, whereas another clone program simply called "Free iPhone Data Recovery" only shows three notes and then blocks the rest) and I'd have to give them money in order to take the data from the phone. As a note, if I disconnect the iPhone the window will stay up and still display everything until I close the program.

    My question is this (obviously): How can I get this data off my phone? It's all right there and apparently is saved in some form of cache within the program or on my computer until it's closed and it's possible to get inside the phone and recover it, I just can't actually find a way to do it so perhaps somebody knows a way or somebody could investigate these programs and find a way? I don't really care if everything comes out as text documents and image files or if it comes out as an iTunes backup, I'd just like to have the data.
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    You do realise how bad this sounds, right?...
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    There's also dried barbecue sauce on the face of the battery. Just to add that.

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