recover lost iphone data with no backup

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    OK..the problem, then it got there a fix. The problem was that my GF deleted the 'notes' on her iphone. She spoke to someone at Apple (sometimes good sometimes not:), and they guided her to reset her phone which deleted everything...and she had no back up on computer or on phone. So now not only no notes, no anything. She was able to download the music she had purchased from the itunes store, but nothing pics, no messages, no voicemail, no notes (the original problem). I have seen 'products' out there that say they can restore lost data. Are there really such products, or is that just a fantasy..But if there are, are any open source (free or donation), or must purchase, and if must purchase, what is best or a few that are best...and is this worth a try or should she just say goodbye to all the past data she had:( Any guidance appreciated. Thanks.
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    No backup + No iCloud = No hope.

    The storage on iOS devices is very protected and apps can't escape their individual sandboxes. So no, there are no apps that can resuscitate the lost data. Sure there are some that state you can just plug your phone in to a computer via the USB/Lightening ports, but they're all peddling snake oil.

    Think about it for a minute, if this were possible then think of the humongous security risks of reselling a reset device.

    In fact if it were that easy, why do the police and other agencies with so hard at unlocking the phone if all they had to do was reset it to factory settings and just walk on in?
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    I once replied in a similar topic:

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    Actually, after all data deleted on iPhone without backup, first she'd better stop using her iPhone in case of data overwritten. Then use a pro iOS Data Recovery tool to help her get the deleted data back. And if the deleted data were overwritten by new data, it's impossbile to recover them back.

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