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Discussion in 'iPod' started by McCombsJRM, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. McCombsJRM macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2011
    Looking for advice on programs that will let me "recover"/ transfer music from my iPod to my iMac. Senuti seems popular; any other suggestions?
  2. AdrianK macrumors 68020

    Feb 19, 2011
  3. cloroxbleach4 macrumors 6502a


    Dec 28, 2007
    I just did this a couple of days ago. I used Expod, it's a free download. You basically designate an area for it to put the files. Then upload it into iTunes and allow itunes to make a copy. Then you're all set!
  4. McCombsJRM thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2011
    @AdrianK; I haven't used Senuti yet.

    @cloroxbleach4; thanks for the help!
  5. Stargazer42 macrumors newbie

    Jun 5, 2011
    What about playlists and videos?

    I have a new 4G iTouch that I would like to receive all the "stuff" from an older iTouch including music playlists, audible books and some videos. Many of these are not on my current iMac (nor do I want them there). Hence I need to use some third party software. Does Senuti do this? Or any others? Thanks.
  6. McCombsJRM thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2011
    It looks like DeTune is the replacement for Expod. It appears to do everything that Senuti does, but it's FREE! Thanks again cloroxbleach4!!!!!
  7. Santino macrumors newbie

    Oct 13, 2010
    Florence, Italy

    Hey guys, I just wanted to confirm DeTune works like a charm, thanks!

    Basically I just connected the ipod and before iTunes could start I kept command+alt (option) pressed, to prevent the prompt of erasing everything and syncing with the new itunes library from popping up; after that I clicked on DeTune and was on my way ;-)

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