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Jan 28, 2014
Was wanting to know if anyone could help me out with my problem. I've got a couple pictures saved on iDownloader Pro's Files tab. The problem is, once I click on the picture to enlarge and open it, it just brings up a black page with no picture. I dont know exactly why they aren't showing up. The thumbnail pictures of them show up just fine, so I know they have to be in the iPhone somewhere. They even show the date, file name, publish date, etc. All of them are in .png format. I've tried copying them over, opening them in a different app, and saving them to my camera roll. Nothing. I was wondering if I could find them in iFile or something like that? either the actual picture or the thumbnail doesn't matter to me, I would just really like to retrieve these lost pictures. Any of yall have any tips on how to recover them? or where they would be in iFile?

Thanks in advance! Appreciate it!


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Feb 11, 2014
In iFile go to the settings, then file manager, then turn on 'Application Names'.

Then go back into iFile -> Applications and you'll see iDownloader Pro there. From there you can find all your media files. iFile has a wifi transfer option to get your pictures on your computer where they should work or at least can be salvaged!

Can paypal me if you'd like to my user name on this forum :)

Hope you can recover your lost photos!
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