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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by pengu, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Well its not my month apparently (had the flu, iPod went to crap, got a flat tire 2 days ago) and now, the second HDD in my G5 failed. I think (hope) its "just" a problem with the volume map, because the device still appears in System Profiler.

    Anywho. It has a LOT (~400gb) of data that i really dont want to lose (some of it I can get again - software installers i've dl etc, music from CDs i have) but there is also other stuff i don't have elsewhere (i have a weekly backup of the absolute critical stuff)

    So I know TechToolPro can do some nifty stuff with data recovery, is there anything else out there that is better, or aimed more at "oh crap, its gone" type situations, rather than what seems like a mainly pro-active role for TechToolPro..??

    Also, can anyone in the Canberra area recommend anywhere for professional data recovery? I rang one place for info, and the kid there said "its $130 for the first hour, $99 ever hour after that. oh.. 400 gb? that's gonna take a while haha."

    "a while" sounds like a rather vague approximation to me.
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