Recover which files from corrupted volume to best restore setup?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macmesser, Dec 27, 2012.

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    The HD on my 09 MacBook running 10.7.4 got corrupted and I'm in the process of data recovery using Data Rescue Pro 3. This program scans a problem disk and lists files it has found, preserving the folder structure. One selects files for recovery to a good disk by checking of files and folders in the list. Most of my data is pretty easy as they're image files in known folders. Likewise, documents I created are pretty easy to find as their location is known, as with applications. What about application serial numbers and settings? I realize I will probably need to reinstall applications but getting all the registration and SN information will be a PITA. This info would usually be in Library>Application Support, correct?

    My plan is to go through every user (4 exist) and save the Desktop, Documents, Library>Application Support, and any user created data folders. Then I'll save the System>Library>Application Support. Any preferences folders in any user/Library folder will also be saved. Would any info like this be place in less than obvious places?

    Is this a thorough enough approach or am I missing something? Is there any way I can manually restore the system by placing things where they're supposed to be in the new install or is that wishful thinking?

    Any insights appreciated. The ironic thing is that I was just about to back up the HD to a newly purchased USB drive when I decided to sync my iPad via iTunes first. Bad idea. The good news is that all the damage seems to be to the volume structure of the HD so it seems all the files will be recoverable. Still, a huge PITA.... rather pity. Thanks again for any advice.
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    I would just concentrate on getting your personal data like photos and documents off of there, then just reinstall all the apps and everything else. There is no way you will be able to restore all the OS files required to get things running again.

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