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Nov 16, 2011
Hi There,

I've been a complete ass and deleted some very valuable movie files. Yes, I've put them in the trash can and emptied the mf-ing trash can. Let's not get into details. You can rest assured that I've punished myself enough for this. To make things worse, I just shot the movie files and therefore they did not enter my backup routine. I've got my backups up to date until an week ago but not up til the day before yesterday...

In an attempt to recover the files I've bought tech tools pro for 90 euros and spent 60 euro on data rescue 4 and until now i've had no luck in recovering them. I don't mind spending the money as long as I get the files back but so far none of my attempts got me anywhere. I've found a lot of old video files which I don't need but the last deleted don't pop up.

The files are on my retina mbp and I've started it in target disk mode so I don't mess with the data on the existing disk. They are a collection of 40 gb of *.mov video files. Various length and thus size.

If anybody could help or has some tips I would greatly appreciate it.

kind regards,

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Dana Cline

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Oct 23, 2015
if the data recovery application can't help you, other applications also can't do that. Data Recovery application make the deleted file appear again, as this deleted file still in the hard drive. The problem you met may out of their service. I think maybe you can find help from some data recovery lab, bring your machine to them, but the cost is higher than application, you can search in the internet.
Hopefully, you can get back the lost file.