iPad Recovering files that were deleted?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jmy2469, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I have a quick question. I just started dating someone, her ex went and deleted her files on her iPad and iPhone, yes, he had her password. Is there any way that she can get those files back? Everything was stored in Icloud? She went to Apple Store today , and they told her that it was not possible. He keeps hacking her password, finally took everything off Icloud. Its a nightmare for her right now. If she can get her files back, that would be great!. Thanks for the help. John
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    Data can be recovered from flash memory but the question is whether she cares about it enough because it is not cheap.
    I question if this tool can really hack her iCloud or she was stupid enough not to change her password and he just kept screwing around. Either way, what is missing that she wants back? Depending upon what she backed up to the cloud, she can get it back if she restores from the cloud. It's hard to say though without knowing what she lost and what she backed up frequently.
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    She kept changing her passwords, and he still got in. Don't know if it's him doing this or if he is paying someone to hack her account. She needs to get all this back, no matter what it cost. She tried getting everything back,but he deleted everything from her Icloud. No matter how many times she changes her passwords, he hacks her accounts and gets in. Just need to stop this. And yes, court date is coming up.
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    i really doubt anybody is "hacking her account"
    get her to change her password to her apple account AND to her email.

    does she use time machine or another backup program on her computer? does she sync her ipad to that computer?

    if Apple told you the files are gone i'm not sure what you want us to tell you. she could pay a professional to look at the hard drive on the iPad i suppose.
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    She needs to change the passwords and all security questions, recovery options etc.

    Even better, use a new account for iCloud. That way he can't keep doing this and causing her to keep losing her info. Because it is basically lost. He is probably going in and changing the password and then deleted everything. Just to screw with her. And keeps doing it, again to screw with her

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