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Jan 5, 2006
Complete OS X freeze --

Hard re-start, Went to re-open a pages document I was working on... it won't open: "not a valid Pages document".

Thiing is, I can view the document using QuickLook, no problem.

Any way I can recover the text? (Tried TextEdit, Text Wrangler & BBedit, no joy).

Why doesn't Pages keep backup / Autosave files?



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Jan 15, 2006
The Kop
If your document is complicated you may not get the best results and as the document is corrupt it may not even work at all, although the Quicklook preview working is a good sign.

Find the pages document on your computer. Cmd+I and change the extension from .pages to .zip

Then open the .zip file by double clicking on it. A window shoudl appear with the following files/folders in it

Picture 1.png

In the Index.xml file is the text however it is very difficult to extract all the text from it as it is hidden amognst all the formatting.

However if you go into QuickLook. You should see two files


If you open the Preview.pdf in Preview you can then copy the text and paste it back into a text document.

You will likely lose formatting etc but at least you can save the words.

As to why Pages doesn't have autosave who knows, send feedback to apple


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Jun 30, 2010
Recovering Pages - and opening from other versions

YES!!! THANK YOU!! This saved me a pile of trouble, as it works to retrieve the text from a Pages 09 document that won't open in Pages 08.
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