Recovering ringtones from jailbroken phone before restoring/updating

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    So I have an iPhone 3G with OS 4.0.1, jailbroken. But iOS 4 sucks on the 3G, and I want to update to 4.1 when it comes out Wednesday because it (allegedly) fixes the 3G/iOS 4 bugs.

    However, I have a ringtone I got from Cydia. It is awesome, and I want to keep it. Is there any way to rip this from my phone before restoring and then updating it with the new OS, and then using legitimate means (or any means besides re-jailbreaking) to put the same ringtone back on my phone?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Ringtones are just a .m4r file. Copy them to your computer from where they are located. Then sync with iTunes when 4.1 comes out.

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