Recovery data on external LaCie drive.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by 1tio1, Mar 31, 2014.

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    I most likely deleted an important folder on my external drive a while ago, I don't remember when, because I didn't know I did.

    So I'm looking to recover everything that's possible. I already made myself to have no expectations, but maybe it is possible to retrieve the files. The 2TB drive (d2 Quadra USB 3.0) is only filled up for 750GB approximately and I didn't do much writing ever since I got it.

    I'm looking for a folder that contains 100-150GB of data. .DNG RAW files and .MP4 movie clips.

    So I want a reliable way to see whether there are still files on the drive or not, and hopefully to be able to bring them back 'alive'.

    Never done any recovery before so all help is welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It's important that you disconnect the external LaCie drive immediately, and don't use it until you've tried data recovery.

    If the folder was deleted "a while ago", chances are at least some of the files in it may have been over-written with new data. You won't get those files back. Important to understand this before you begin.

    Download one of the "data recovery" apps, such as:
    Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery
    Disk Drill.

    These all work the same way:
    1. You download the app for free
    2. You launch it and "aim it" at your problem drive
    3. The app scans the drive for lost data (use the "deep scan" routine). This can take a while.
    4. If the app finds data to be recovered, it will present you with a list and give you the chance to recover -ONE- file only.
    5. The point of this is to see if the app will work for you BEFORE you pay the registration fee.
    6. At this point, you can pay the registration fee, get a code, enter the code, and the app will "go to work" on your problem drive.

    You'll need ANOTHER empty "scratch drive" on which to save the recovered files.
    Chances are, you will LOSE all file names and folder names. There really isn't any way around this -- it's "par for the course" as to how data recovery works.

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