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    Jan 26, 2013
    Hi everyone
    This autumn, fiber/LAN was installed in the building there I live. So I decided to contact my former internet provider and make a new account on this fiber cable. The first time I connected my old iMac (late 2006 intel version 2) to this new connection, the HD crashed on it.
    Then I did something stupid I think, I was looking for a startup disc, and found the install disc from 2006. I started up using C at startup and used disc tools to try to repair my HD. After that things went worse, the volume could not be used as a startup disc.
    I have a new computer now, a Mac Pro. I have tried something I read on a forum. to connect through firewire with my old computer and hold cmd-T during startup. It worked the first time I tried it and I could see my old HD, but I didn't think of connecting an external HD to save some files then.
    I was also a fool to erase my backup files to leave room for some films, I thought I would never need them.
    But here I stand
    much obliged for any suggestions


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