Recreate Complicated Word Form for Use on iPad Pages

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Dr. Dastardly, Jun 4, 2010.

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    So I have a Microsoft Word template that is used for court documents. So needless to say it has multiple columns and page breaks that screws up when imported to Pages. Its entailed but its nothing that couldn't be duplicated with some time in Pages.

    Basically what I am thinking of doing is taking the special form that is created in Word and copy the contents into a template that is created to match Word template in Pages. Then save the file as a word document or copy all the contents that was created in the Pages document back to Word.

    Has anyone tired something like this or had a situation that is similar that they found a reasonable work around for.

    I love the iPad but if I don't find a way to edit these docs on the fly I'll have to break down and get a net book just to use word and I really can't justify keeping the iPad then.
  2. zacksba Guest

    I wonder if "Documents to Go" would take care of that? I believe it holds more formatting that pages does and it just got an iPad update. I know you can create and edit MS documents from it. Maybe someone else could chime in here.

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