Recurring Task Issues (Entourage)

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Note: I performed this on May 30

    A headache...

    Reading The Beauty of the Recurring Task, I am trying to give this a go on my own. Here is the problem:

    I am supposed to be able to do this:
    Alright, so I begin by making a task... Today is the 30th, I make it due on the first of this month (So a few weeks ago). Dialog box looks like this:

    I set the recurrence dialog so it looks like this:
    Meaning that the day I check it off, a new task should spawn 30 days after the day I check it off

    Hit save, this dialog pops up. We are back to the main entourage window now... It looks like this:


    So when I tick the box today (the 30th) a new task should spawn 30 days from today. Rather, a new task spawns 30 days from when the initial due date was (not good)

    Tick the box, it now looks like this:


    Meaning it spawned a new task due 30 days after May 1st! It should be due 30 days from today, not the initial due date!

    How can I fix this?

    Please help,

    Entourage 11.1.0 (040913)
    10.4.1, 12" 1.2 GHz iBook
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    Jun 29, 2004

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