Red Camera Editing?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by AndySutton, May 10, 2008.

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    May 4, 2008

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows the spec for editing 4k footage from the Red camera. With their new smaller camera coming in 2009 - I certainly plan to get it especially if it comes in at the RRP of $1700. Amazing.

    A problem with the camera is it generates footage massive in comparison to HDV. The fact that the company are an offshoot of Oakley - the company behind the sunglasses.

    I cant seem to find anywhere on the web which tells the spec of the edit machine required to cut 2k, 3k or IMax standard 4k.

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    RED aren't an offshoot of Oakley. The only connection is that they share the same founder.

    ...and yeah, I don't think the RED SCARLET is going to be under $5,000 - despite Engadget saying it'd be around $3,000.

    From the RED website:

    They don't mention the iMacs, but the new ones (2.6Ghz and above) are perfectly capable of playing with current RED footage - with maxed out RAM, of course.

    I wouldn't entertain editing 4k RED footage with less than 4Gb RAM, or a 2.6Ghz processor.

    One of my clients has a current RED ONE, and it edits nicely in FCS on a new 2.6Ghz 17" MacBook Pro w/ 4Gb RAM.

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