red flickering when playing dvd's

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    Jun 19, 2004
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    ***I made a few idvd projects about a year ago with osx 10.3.3. After upgrading to 10.3.7 I notice the same dvd's (5 of them), when played on my computer have the "red" colors flicker, move slightly, and change tint before my eyes. If I play them on a regular dvd player, they play fine. My Mac has 2 hard drives. They still play fine on 10.3.3, but will not play correctly without the red colors flickering, moving, and changing tint, before my eyes on the 10.3.7 drive. Any idea what's causing this problem under the upgrade??????
    ***I've re-install the DVD player using Pacifist with no change under 10.3.7. I went so far as to do an archive and re install of the 10.3.7 drive and only upgrade to 10.3.3 on it and the problem cleared up on that hard drive also. What gives???
    ****I'd appreciate your help to my problem.
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    Oct 7, 2003

    use vlc to play the file back its the best media player period !!!

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