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    Jan 10, 2012
    Well, after almost a month of no issues (only a few blue screen restarts) - I pulled my iPhone 6+ 128GB off of the charger this morning noticing that it was off. So I powered it on only to have a liney slightly grey apple symbol appear then BAM big gred screen for 5 seconds then lines started slowly appearing, then it slowly changed blue, then white.... All this happened in a 20+ second timeframe. I freaked and held down the power+home to turn off the phone.

    Once off, the phone will not turn on - no matter what I do. Plugging it in has no effect.

    Got an appointment with Apple Genius in 1.5 hours (I have to drive an hour to the nearest Apple store).

    MY question: If they have to replace the phone, will I get a new one? I read that you get refurbished ones here when using AppleCare+ but because this is a phone/warranty issue, I should get a new one, yes?

    Thanks for your time.

    Edit: Phone was not jailbroken (rooted?), no water damaged, never dropped, it was absolutely perfect (so sad!).

    Using only 6.8GB of the 114GB.
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    Given when you posted, you've probably already gotten your answer in the form of your new phone. But no, warranty issues aren't automatically given new phones versus refurbished units. At this point in the product lifecycle, it's likely (but not 100% certain) that you received a reconditioned unit.

    That said, I didn't hesitate to take an Apple refurb when my iphone 6 did what yours did. It looked new, it behaved like new, no issues since. Hope your experience is the same!
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    Jan 10, 2012
    Wow I got a ton of info on this one..... well, I'm back so I thought I'd close this up with my experience just in case someone else has the same situation.

    Arrived at my appointment. First thing they asked after reading my notes - "Do you have your phone backed up?" Then, I get to sit at the Genius bar for 5 mins - and a very kind lady went over the notes, and immediately said: "Yep, your phone needs to be replaced" after reading the notes. She took out the sim card, shined a flashlight in the sim card slot (looking for water damage?).

    She then, after taking the sim card out, tried to power on the phone. Amazingly, it powered on for her but did the same thing that it did for me - just sitting at the white screen. She reaffirmed "Yep, you need a new phone" - she went in a drawer in the back and pulled out a very thin white box - opened it up and put the sim card in it, had me log out of Find My Phone via her Macbook laptop for the old phone .......

    To top it off, she, for free, transferred the Zagg screen from my broken iPhone to the new one (put it on better than the Zagg rep did at the mall). She explained that because this was a warranty issue, it didn't touch my AppleCare+. In less than 15 minutes I was waking out there with a new phone.

    Absolutely amazing. A+ service. Extremely helpful A+ staff. This is the reason why I have an iPhone.

    Note to people with the red screen: my wife's iPhone 6+ has never had a blue screen. Mine has several times (after which the phone turned off). The Genius lady nodded her head and said yep when I mentioned I had bluescreens - even said the word "blue screens" in anticipation to what I was saying.

    Very happy with Apple!


    Thank you for taking the time to post --- yep, the unit I got is 100% spotless 100% perfect. I'm happy with it, reconditioned or not. Apple has my business for a long time.

    Have a great day :)
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    Glad to hear all went well!

    Colored screens (typically red, blue, or green) happen when the phone gets caught in a kernel panic, and are apparently all indicative of possible hardware failure. (Usually NAND failure, from what I understand.) Having it happen once may not be cause for alarm, assuming the phone doesn't go into a bootloop situation. More than once is a strong indicator the phone will need replacement, as you found out the hard way. Yay for backups! ;)
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    Carriers provide refurbished ones. The Apple Store, after checking many times over provide NEW replacements. Not refurbished ones.
  6. deviant, Mar 19, 2015
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    Ive had blue and red screens of death for a couple of days. Went to my apple store, the dude said it was probably graphics chip issue and immediately gave me a new iphone after seeing countless panics and 56 app errors. Cool. Finally i have a white screen and not yellow and my home button doesn't make super noisy clicks like a mouse. let's hope it works like it should.

    Go to your apple store people. Don't even try playing around with restores ecc. Waste of time. You bought an iPhone for a reason - there is support. Unlike......

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