Reddit's iOS App to Feature Native Promoted Posts Beginning March 19


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Apr 12, 2001

Starting next week, the official Reddit app for iOS will begin displaying native in-app promoted posts to Reddit users, according to an email Reddit sent out to advertisers on Wednesday and shared by Marketing Land.

Promoted posts in the Reddit app will look similar to standard Reddit posts, with upvotes, downvotes, and comment threads. Comments were not possible with Reddit's previous mobile ad offerings for advertisers, and will provide users with a way to give feedback on ads.

The promoted posts will have a "Promoted" tag at the top of the post in the main Reddit news feed, but will otherwise look like regular Reddit posts.

Advertisers will be able to target Reddit users by interests, subreddit, location, device, and time of day.

According to Reddit, its mobile apps for iOS and Android are the most popular way Reddit users access Reddit content on their mobile devices. The Reddit apps account for 41 percent of time spent on Reddit across all platforms.

Native promoted posts will begin rolling out on iOS on Monday, March 19, and will expand to Android in the coming weeks.

Article Link: Reddit's iOS App to Feature Native Promoted Posts Beginning March 19


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Jul 21, 2011
I believe you are exempt from this if you have gold? I've been using the new site layout and have not seen any "sponsored posts", and I believe that's due to having gold. Seems like an important callout.
I believe you're correct. I have gold as well and haven't seen these posts .


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Jul 9, 2008
...and people wonder why I'm not using the native application.
Quite a macrumor.
Long a pet peeve of mine but when I comment about it, my posts are deleted about being off-topic. I want ONLY MacRumors RSS feed. I can't find one that exists. I don't want iPhone rumors. I'm a minority in this opinion though...Macrumors probably wouldn't be an independent profitable business if it only focused on macintosh.


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Jul 20, 2016
not america
I hope reddit crash and burn because of this. American based website is getting ******** and ********.
does gold member still see those ads or is it only for the poor plebeians?