Redirecting folders (music,picture,document) to a 2nd drive

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    Hi, just bought a 2010 mac pro 5,1. and i just installed an SSD into the optical bay slot (i know I'm not using the most out of the SSD 6GB/S speed)

    since the SSD is 128gb, I would like to have all my data (music,movies,document,picture) to my extra regular hard drive.

    how do i do that? so that when i put any data into those folders it doesn't take up space in my boot SSD drive.

    thanks. yes i am also googling it.
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    You can either move the entire 'home' folder to a new drive, or you can move your iTunes Library and Photos Library to another location.

    I do the latter, as this is really easy to achieve. You just tell Photos and iTunes where the files have been moved to.

    Moving the entire 'home' folder is a bit more work:
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    What you are after is what is called a "symlink". You move the folder to the hard drive, then the symlink points to that folder. So you put files in the symlinked folder on the SSD, but they really go to the hard drive.

    There is an article here that explains it.

    Make sure you do a good backup first in case you mess up. :)

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