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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by wmmk, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,
    When I first got my iPhone, my MBP was being repaired, so I bought some apps on my family's Mac Mini and transfered them to the iPhone. I then did the rest of my app-buying from my iPhone, but never ended up syncing my apps to the MBP, because iTunes said that doing so would delete the apps from the Mac Mini.

    Well, my iPhone broke this morning to to a hardware defect and I just had it replaced at the apple store. The guy at the Genius Bar said I could re-download all of my apps for free, but was vague about how exactly I'd go about doing so.

    Any tips?

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    You need to know what they were

    You can download them again, either in iTunes or on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The trick is remembering what you purchased. I've never nosed around iTunes enough to know if there is a complete history of your purchases, but you should have your receipts unless you deleted them.

    Bottom line, if you paid for the app, you can re-download at no cost to you.

    Good luck.


    EDIT: Ok, now I've looked. On your account is a purchase history. From there you can see what you purchased and then download them again. Enjoy!
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    I would try going on Itunes, log in, then go to buy the should say something like,"You have already purchased this app, do you want to re-download this app for free?" ... It has said that before for me so give it a try. Good luck.
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    Apps can only be downloaded again if it is from the same iTunes Account and the computer is authorized to that account. If you puchased them under a different account on your parents computer and then used your account on your iPhone then you will have to send a an email to customer support and in detail explain the situation and hope that they will transfer your original purchased to your current account.

    Good Luck

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