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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by decafjava, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Feb 7, 2011
    Ok folks, I've been reading up on new features of ios 5, iCloud etc. One thing I am curious about is redownloading previously purchased apps that have been pulled from the app store. I was led to understand it will still be possible.

    In my situation I back up my library of apps and music regularly but if ever needed to redownload an app no longer on the app store or no longer available on my national store (I live in Switzerland) would it be possible? Regarding the latter issue can I still receive updates for apps no longer available on my national store but available only on say the US store?

    For example this seems to be the case with a game I bought back in February, Star Wars Trench Run 2.0-I d/l the latest version from the Swiss itunes shop. When looking for it I got a message it was not available on the Swiss shop but in the US one. This morning it doesn't seem to be there in the US shop either. So my question is can I redownload it even if it is pulled? Also, if it comes back to the US store but not the Swiss one and it gets updated will I still be able to get updates? Thanks in advance.
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    If the App was pulled by Apple for infringement, like Handy Light, then no you can no longer re-download the App from the Purchased tab.

    If the App was pulled by the developer, like Tris, then yes you can re-download the app.

    Either way, once the App has been pulled and is no longer available in your country, you will not be able to receive any further updates to the app (even if the app is available in other place).

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