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    I am using Windows Vista less and less on my MacBook and the partition takes up about 1/2 of the hard disk space. I tried using Disk Utility but I guess I don't know what I am doing. I choose the Partition button. In the Volume Scheme, I choose the partition that has Windows on it. In the Volume Information text box, I tried to enter a smaller size but the Apply button is grayed out.

    So, how do I reduce the size of the partition that Windows is installed on?

    I guess I am not quite brave enough to completely delete Windows from the machine....I "might" need it occasionally.

    Windows is being used by Boot Camp.

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    Download the free "CampTune for OS X" from Paragon Software. It can resize a Boot Camp partition non-destructively. Download from here.

    Be sure to make a backup of your OS X partition first. Use Time Machine.

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