Reducing PSU noise from Power Mac G4 MDD

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by LOLZpersonok, Mar 24, 2018.

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    I've got a Power Mac G4 MDD that I've had for about 6 years now, and it's just as noisy as it's ever been. Interestingly enough, as of late, it seems to be faster on the Internet than it was before (with both Safari and TenFourFox for the PowerPC 7450) and I feel like I can put this machine to use, especially for a few older games that I've got.

    Problem is, this computer is noisy. I used to have no issue with it, but in recent times I've become less tolerant of the noise, now that I've had quiet main computers for a while now.

    I know Apple offered a 360 watt (or thereabouts) power supply that was quieter and more reliable than the original 400 watt PSU, but funny thing: I've already got that "quieter" 360 watt PSU (just makes me wonder how much noisier it was before).

    What can I do to make the machine quieter? Are there any programs that I can use to slow down the fans a little, or is there some kind of hardware trick that I can use?
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    I wasn't nicknamed the Windtunnel for no reason! ;)

    Culprit is the twin 60mm Delta fans in the PSU from memory. Not sure what modern options are available.
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    I changed the 60mm Delta fans in the PSU with the recommended make (Everflow F126025BH). I was lucky to find those on eBay. However, I don't think it has made a massive difference. I think all the sonic improvements are only perceived under load. Idle noise is as obnoxious as ever. I even managed to squeeze a silicon fan surround on one of them to reduce vibration but that made zero difference. I never bothered with changing the more expensive larger fan after that.

    We have been spoiled by cool running computers of late. I fired up a few old PCs I built back in the day when tidying up the loft. They made a racket. We just accepted it then. The one problem you cannot fix with the MDD is the shape of the PSU and the work its fans have to do to help keep things cool in that cramped space.
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    The two Delta fans were in the 400W PSU. The 360W one comes equipped with Nidec fans which is much better in terms of high pitch whining noise but can still be annoying for some people.

    By the way, dust on fan blades can increase noise so the OP might as well clean them.

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