ReelCam Pro -Time Shifting Camera just released ($2.99 -> $.99 for 3 days only)

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Hi all,

    I like to introduce our latest app ReelCam Pro -Time Shifting Camera that was released yesterday. As far as we know, this is the only app in the App Store that can do the same as what Blackberry's new Q10 and Z10's time shift camera do with their hardware support plus more.

    Here is the link:


    Trying to take the best group photo? Frustrated with your attempts to photograph a crying baby? Want to have a perfect picture with your pet? Finally, there's a camera app -- ReelCam Pro -- that can do it all.


    With ReelCam Pro, you can take a series of pictures in quick succession: up to 10 photos with a 0.1 second or other pre-defined time interval. The ReelCam Pro will cache the photos to create the ultimate photos.


    ReelCam Pro automatically detects the faces in the cache of photos. You can tap on a face to slide back and forth to choose the best picture for that person. For example, if you take a photo of a group of people and one of them blinks, you can tap that person's face and change it to the one you like. You can go through to change any or all of the faces.

    If the ReelCam Pro does not detect a face (e.g, for a pet), you can manually add a face and adjust it exactly the same way.

    ***RESULT & SHARE***

    After you adjust all the desired faces in a photo, you are ready to see the magical result. ReelCam Pro uses a proprietary digital image processing algorithm to "stitch" all selected faces into a perfect photo. The "preview" of the result should come out instantaneously. The full-resolution result photo will be processed in the background and will be ready for you to share.


    •Perfect for group photos or families with young children
    •Super easy to use UI. It is exactly what you expect from a camera app. After only two or three taps and slides, you can create your ideal photo
    •You can capture and process photos in a single operation. Or capture the photos now and process them later
    •Option to configure for low, medium, and high resolution result photos
    •Configure the burst size and time interval
    •Intuitive photo gallery to manage the group of photos. Easily see the original photos and result photos in a single swipe
    •Save only the photos you like to the photo library
    •Share with your friends via SMS (saved to photo library first), email, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
    •Optimized for iPhone 5. Supports the iPhone 3GS and up and iPod Touch 4 and up.


    This is a YouTube demo video for the app:

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