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Oct 9, 2003
My father's website has been getting a bit unwieldy recently, it's sort of outgrown the current design and is becoming bloated. I've done a great deal of the updates and new pages on his site, but I'm no expert, and it's becoming very apparent that he needs an actual web designer to completely redo his site, and the features that he needs are far beyond my levels as a hobbyist. But since my father has very little knowledge of web terminology and such, he's asked me to write up the designer-wanted listing. But I'm no expert myself, so I'm hoping that some of the more informed people on here can help refine the ad. I don't know what's unrealistic, if there's a better way of doing things, etc., but from my knowledge, this is what I compiled. It's not in a proper template for a wanted ad yet, that's something I'm still trying to figure out. And I could be way off the mark here, talking about stuff that's too complex or too bulky. That's why I need help. These are just my ideas of what I thought would be suitable, but I haven't the slightest clue if I'm way off the mark on the languages and solutions I put down.

Revision for

General revisions:
Valid XML or Transitional XHTML driven by easily modifiable CSS stylesheets
Layout/different blocks of the site (product advertisements, blackboard) made easily changeable in the future (eg. changing the advertised product, adding more links to the navbar, etc.)
Rotating advertisements on some pages for products (AJAX?)

More intuitive navigation to better fit the site’s new/future growth, such as drop down lists. Other navigation methods, such as breadcrumb navigation, may also be beneficial depending on how the site revision/layout is done.
Looking for a very intuitive navigation scheme. There should not be any confusion as to where to go, but the site must also be easily accessible.
A search function may be handy.

Speaking Schedule (Not really important, but a bonus)
Driven by a database, preferably Filemaker-editable but if not viable, just an online admin form.
Better solution for more info (AJAX?)

Courses page
Similar to Speaking Schedule. Should share similar themes as they will often link to each other.
Courses pages could pull upcoming dates out of speaking schedule DB?

Probably PayPal, IPN if possible
Needs a completely new design. (It doesn't really have a design right now.:rolleyes:)

Payment/Registration forms
Method to go directly to PayPal after submit?
Dynamic forms, will change depending on options
Thank you pages – dynamic, only one physical page that can change content via information from the form. More pages preferably would be easily added.
Registration forms can submit to a database (currently everything's done on Filemaker)

Other stuff I have to add in somewhere:
A solution for viewing clips of DVDs.
A better solution for the downloads page.
A portal to the other sites (there's a Moodle site for interns, for example)

There are also several new pages being planned, like a profile pages for some of the people that have been trained under my father. The site really needs to be completely revised, so I'm not quite sure which pages will be removed, which will remain, and which will added.

If anyone knows of a good template for a designer-wanted advertisement (obviously I need to have a writeup, a request for a portfolio, etc.), it would be appreciated.

Also, if you think you're fit for this job, feel free to speak up and send a portfolio in. I know there's some considerable talent lurking around on these boards.

Thank you in advance.


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Feb 6, 2004
Sounds Interesting

Judging from your post and rather detailed description you seem to have a vision of what you want done. A vision can be a hard thing to compete with so if you have a mockup or anything else related to the sites redesign / new design could you share that?

There are many layers of programming that you are asking to have done, nothing seems overly complicated but what kind of hosting do you have? If you are not on a dedicated / virtual dedicated server you might also need a hosting plan that is able to accommodate some of these new technologies such as video streaming. Bargain hosts often advertise unlimited everything but supply you with an account locked at 100kbp up with a clause that if you use too much CPU on that shared server you can also be suspended.

If what you're looking for is a company to bring together these new features and integrate them into new custom design we can handle that without a problem. There is separate rate for having a custom design done up for a new site, we can discuss that and more if you post back here or email us.

If you are interested in discussing the projects details, its pricing and a deadline for us to have the site transitioned over please email our web department " web ( at ) " and mention this post in the email.


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Aug 16, 2004
That's pretty detailed :) and very informative for whomever gets the job.

Also sounds costly. If someone came to my firm with requirements like this, to do it correctly you'd be looking at some serious $$.