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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by roland.g, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Yes I know there is an iPod forum, however it doesn't get as much traffic so excuse me for posting this here.

    I'm actually a Mac guy, have a G4, a powerbook, and 3 iPods, however a friend of mind gave me his Windows iPod (4G Click Wheel) and it has HDD issues. I got it into Disk Mode, charged and restored it on a Dell at work and am trying to reformat the disk. I know that disk utility on a Mac allows you to format a disk and zero all data. It is a long process, but really cleans the drive. I figure doing this and restoring again may resolve this iPod's problems. I have tried right-clicking on the iPod in Windows Explorer (it is a mounted drive E: ) and have already checked it for bad sectors, and am now trying to use the format option in the right-click menu. It shows the volume, but the file system is blank, so is unit allocation size, and when I hit start it says ok to continue, cancel to quit, but ok doesn't start the format. Any suggestions.

    Does anyone know the command lines to do it through the Command Prompt window.

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    [drive letter]:/format?

    It has been awhile since I used DOS. Google it if the above doesn't work (PS-You don't need the [] in the command.)
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    Why not format it with the disk utility in OSX and then give it back to your buddy and he can restore it on his machine to whatever he wants.

    P.S. You aren't likely to fix any disk problems with simple format/bad sector/format. Disk issues are more likely hardware related. I had my 4g ipod go, had to replace it underwarranty, then the same thing happened, but was out of warranty... had to buy a 5g (darn ;)

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