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    so there is ALWAYS tons of discussion about the apple hard are refresh's but i want to buy an apple blue tooth keyboard, but i wish it had a backlight like my 2010 MBP, so how about accessories refresh's? does anyone keep track? i moved from the wireless mighty mouse to the magic mouse and WOW what an improvement, so how about the keyboards?

    iso thoughts and opinions!
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    I have no inside information, but my hunch is that since the BT keyboards are battery powered, and backlighting uses power, we won't be seeing a backlit BT keyboard anytime soon.

    There are several backlit wired keyboards out there, however.
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    Oct 20, 2008
    Don't expect a backlit keyboard from Apple anytime soon. Too much of a battery hog and you know how they feel about user experience.
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    I am looking at the wireless keyboard as well and would love a backlit one. Doesn't seems like it will happen tho. As for a refresh no one knows.

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