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Feb 10, 2008
Please forgive me if my terminology is way off... I'm only a few days into iPhone programming...

I'm working on a program based on the SimpleDrillDown template from Apple. For each screen that is selected I am trying to make random text appear. I am able to get random text to show, but when I go back to the plays screen and select the same category the random integer that is chosen is fixed until I relaunch the app. Can I force the random selection to run again?

I'm using the following code in DataController.m...

NSString * joke;
srand ( time(NULL) );
	iRandom = rand() % 3 + 1;
	if (iRandom == 1) { textToDisplay = @"one"; }
	if (iRandom == 2) { textToDisplay = @"two"; }
	if (iRandom == 3) { textToDisplay = @"three"; }
Thank you for your help! I'm excited to work in the world of iPhone programming!

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