Refund for wrong diagnosis?


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Sep 15, 2009
My macbook pro had no issue when i went to bed but it went blank at the login screen when i tried to switch it on in the morning. So I took it to the authorized apple service center in New Delhi, India and they charged me Rs 2500 (approximately 56 USD) for diagnosis which i paid using my card. After 3 working days, they wrote in the bill,

"system is not booting, goes blank while logging. Had to reset SMC PRAM. Put known good cable HDD, boot from external HD, but problem is same. MLB is suspected part." (i couldn't read his hand-written comment properly. Not sure if it is SMC or SRM)

He said that the repairing cost to replace the Logic Board would come to about Rs 38,000.00 (approximately 855 USD). Since I can't pay that much, i took it to the local store to try my luck. The guy at the local store just re-installed my mac OS for Rs 1500 and here it is in working condition!!! I did took it to another local store before this just for the info.

My macbook pro 13" was brought from the same store about 2 years ago and I don't have warranty anymore. Is there a way I could get my refund?
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