Refund or Exchange Defective 2007 iMac?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by unfrozen.jon, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Sep 23, 2007
    I bought an Aluminum late 2007 20" iMac and I'm considering returning it. I put in 4GB ram and it ran beautiful for the first 4 months then began the random shutdowns and it took several tries to get it start up without shutting down. Also the wireless mighty mouse is defective, it looses its ability to detect one finger right clicks for long periods of time so I put it in a drawer and have yet to get it exchanged. I did check several forums and guides to make sure I was using the mouse correctly and that it seemed to match others situations where it was deamed defective.

    I procrastinated on sending it in for repairs since I have AppleCare and also I didn't realize that I could have it repaired by an Apple certified tech in my own city. The problems began in Feb 08 and I sent it in finally in September when the random shutdowns happened constantly, and I bought an external HD to backup with Time Machine first. It turned out to be a defective logic board and the shop that repaired it was quick and pretty helpful.

    About a month after that it is back to its random shutdown and no startup habits, and I took it away to use while I was away with work for a month. I was pretty embarassed to be there with Vista users being able to criticize my iMac for being a peice of junk, considering I had just had it repaired.

    I am pretty loyal to Apple products, in my house between me and my wife we have: a MacBook, iMac, Airport Extreme, 2 iPods, 2 iPhone 3G's and I was planning on getting either an Apple TV or Mac Mini to use as a home theatre to replace our satellite tv service for the holidays. I have used Mac's for years and I am generally very pleased although I am feeling pretty embarassed and ripped off considering my defective iMac with defective mighty mouse. I mean paying $1,500 for a computer that has amazing features but can't be used for more than 5 mins without a shutdown (using the wifes MacBook for this).

    I have obviously been sold a lemon and still have almost 2 years on my AppleCare and I have read most of the policies and documentation although I want to know from other peoples experiences whats the best option to go for:

    1) I have already been looking at getting a Mac Mini and a good size NAS/home server if I am going to make a Mac home theatre. I am also a gamer and have noticed the lack of upgradability in most Mac's so I might just demand a refund for my iMac(I still have all the packaging and everything it came with) and then get a Mac Pro. It would eliminate the need to get multiple devices, iMac for graphics intensive gaming, Mac Mini and NAS/home server for a home theatre and its upgradability would mean a much longer life usage for my needs. I could hook it up in my living room for use as the home theatre, gaming or general computer use and I don't mind using my iPhone (if the wife wants to use the tv) instead since its such a joy to use. I'm wondering how good Apple is about refunding defective Mac's after 1 year when you have AppleCare.

    2) Demanding a replacement for my iMac and sticking with the Mac Mini and NAS home theatre idea. This would probably be the most painless option when dealing with Apple and I'd feel guilty to take advantage of their warranty to correct my own short-sighted purchase but I think being a loyal customer that was sold a lemon entitles me to some compensation.

    3) Playing another round of Russian Roullette on trying to get my current iMac repaired(if it can be) locally without replacement.

    Any advice or suggestions are appreciated, and I know this rants a bit long but this issue has been plaguing me for almost a year.
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    Mar 3, 2006
    It's up to apple whether they repair or give new. Typically, you'll need a long history of repair-and-fail on record with them before they will consider replacing the whole machine.
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    Jul 23, 2007
    Apple will generally repair a computer a minimum of 3 times before a potential replacement.

    I have a first generation 24" Alum iMac Rev.A bought in October of last year. I have have no issues with this computer.

    I did have an issue with it after the first month because I have numerous power failures here.

    Called Apple Tech support and did the SMU (?) thing. Have you tried this? If not here is how to do it:

    1. Disconnect all external devices.
    2. Disconnect the power cord behind your iMac
    3. Press and hold the power button on the back for at least 10 seconds, (leave power cord disconnected).
    4. After 10 second let go of the power button and reconnect your power cord in the back of the iMac.
    5. Reboot and see what happens.

    This cleared up all my issues and I have been a happy camper since.

    Let us know what happens and what your going to do. If this does not work, I suggest you get your iMAc into the shop and keep all paperwork for any and ALL repairs made.
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    Oct 24, 2008
    1. You will not be offered a refund - that is completely out of the question. I believe they will only offer you a refund if you're inside the 14 day window from your purchase date - otherwise it is either a repair or a replacement.

    2. From what I've gathered from skimming what you've wrote, you've technically only brought it in for repairs once. If that is true, you will not be offered a replacement if they have the parts to repair your system.

    The rule at apple is you need atleast 3 hardware repairs of the same kind within a 12 month period to be offered a replacement.

    3. This is realistically your only option.

    Good luck.

    edit: so to answer your title "refund or exchange...?" - unfortunately you will be entitled to neither.

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