Refund went to Apple GC and not original CC

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    Thanks in advance for any feedback. I purchased the base 15" off the refurbished store last week paying with half Apple Giftcard and rest on my debit card. (VISA debit).
    I went to exchange it (In store) for a different model yesterday, which ended up costing less, so the Apple store person said the remainder would go back on my debit card (Visa Debit). The way he explained it was that the original giftcard amount would apply against the new purchase *first, with my original Visa debit going towards the rest and the remainder being refunded to the visa debit.

    But it looks like the Visa debit was applied first, with the gift card being used to cover the remaining owing, and then what was left of the giftcard balance being refunded to the original giftcard. I'm not sure if this was his fault, or just the way Apple processed it in that order...
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    I would imagine that they could fix this over the phone and you wouldn't even need to go to the store, but it might be easier to fix it face-to-face.

    I'd give them the chance to fix the issue ... seems like it's probably an honest mistake on the employee's part that helped you the first time around. If they can't fix the issue to your satisfaction, perhaps you'll need to have a discussion (to set up a dispute) with Visa to have them refund your card. The protection rules are probably different for debit cards and credit cards, but you might have luck if Apple can't fix it.

    Good luck
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    Yeah, I'll drop into the store and talk to them. My concern is that giftcards from any store are usually unable to be converted back into cash. If this was the just the way Apple processes the funds, cash/debit and then GF, in that order and the Apple employee didn't know or explained it wrong, then I could be out $500. If he made the mistake, then hopefully they'll correct it.

    As for any protection on the Visa Debit... there is none, AFAIK. It's a Canadian Visa Debit card, and for anyone who doesn't know, it acts just like a visa card, but the money is just taken directly out of your banks chequing account. Makes it convenient for purchasing from online places that don't accept debit cards, not that many do anyways. Good thing I didn't throw out the old giftcard because I was about to today, I just thought I'd check it first since I hadn't seen the refund deposited back into my bank yet.
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    This is totally a tangent, nothing to do with your specific situation at all - but I would not use a debit card for ANY online purchases. Even if there's no fraud, there are mistakes - and they can suck hundreds of dollars out of your account, for days/weeks until it gets corrected. Use a credit card only.
  5. darkmatter343 thread starter macrumors regular

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    Dropped into the Apple store today and the manager corrected it no hassle :)

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