Refurb 13inch 2012 OR Refurb 15inch 2011 which is better?Is refurb really worth it?TH

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by macfreak101, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Nov 6, 2012
    hey folks i am planing to buy a macbook pro after saving cash since the past 6years i want you all to help me with which product i should go for
    i am 17 and need a good laptop which will last me another 5years..... i have been thinking about a refurb macbook pro 2012 13inch 2.9 i7dual core which is for about 1260 and another one refurb macbook pro 2011 15inch 2.2 i7 quad core which is again for 1350.....i would want to know which is a better option as price wise both are very close and if is the 15inch worth it and better as the 2011 does not have the usb3.0 and bluetooth 4.0 and its sandy bridge but again its quad core where as the 13inch 2012 has all the stuff but its dual core.... what is the difference between quad and dual core?....and i would want to know your thoughts on the refurb models as i said its importamt for me to spend my money wisely since i have been saving for the past 6years....does the refurb mbp as good as new?can they have cosmetic damages?is the outter shell and body replaced?and do they come with new parts and accesories? and is it like a second hand laptop which is used for a year or few months and then returnded and sold again as refurb? please let me know which is better and long lasting or else shall i go for a new one...cause if i buy a refurb mbp and the apple protection care plan the total cost is as much as a new mbp so is it better to buy a new mbp and not buy the apple protection plan? PLEASE HELP ME OUT
    Thanks for your time

    Links of the models: ore-intel-i7#overview ore-intel-i7

    ps: is a 128gb solid state drive worth replacing the 500gb or 750gb serial ata
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    May 16, 2008
    Apple refurbished products are considered by most to be a very good deal, as they're pretty much like buying a new Mac, except for the box.
    • Apple Certified Refurbished Products are available online from the Apple Refurb Store and are not sold in local Apple stores
    • Educational discounts do not apply to refurb products.
    • Refurb products come with the same warranty as new products, and qualify for AppleCare
    • Refurb products have a changed serial number that identifies them as refurbished
    • Refurb products come with whatever OS version and software they originally shipped with as new
    • Refurb products come with the same items in the box as new products, only the box is a plain one, not the new box.
    • A refurb product could have some cosmetic signs of prior use, but rarely do
    • A refurb Mac may have some cycles on the battery, but not a significant enough amount to affect usable life
    • The refurb store inventory changes frequently, sometimes several times a day, and doesn't have any direct relation to upcoming product releases. What's available in the refurb store is determined by what has been returned to Apple.
    • If you're looking for a particular item, can alert you when it becomes available.

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