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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by fluidedge, Jun 14, 2015.

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    I'm a VFX professional looking for a fairly powerful laptop that can run VFX software (houdini, maya, nuke) to do light work (no heavy FX or rendering, just playing about with ideas away from work) and video editing software (FCP/open source NLE's) to cut together showreels and personal projects. Also to do some photography work (lightroom/photoshop).

    I like the styling of the MBP and the screen quality and want to stay away from Windows. I can't really decide between a few things though:

    • last years model from the refurb store vs the current model. The latest have a better processor, faster SSD and an updated trackpad - is it worth the extra cost?

    • 13" vs 15". I think i'm pretty set on the 13" as I have a second monitor I can hook it up to when I want to do 'work' and have the portability of 13" when I want to sit on the couch and mess around. Is the 15" MBP better in any way other than screensize and the obvious spec upgrades?

    • dual booting with linux, is the latest MBP with better CPU going to be more suitable for that over last years model. I've heard linux performance is never 'amazing' on MBPs
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    I think so. The new Broadwell CPUs also have a better integrated GPU and they use faster RAM.

    The 13" will probably do everything you need. The 15" model will be faster, due to the quad core CPU.

    I've run Linux on an older pre unibody MBP and it worked great except for flash content. The biggest issue is GPU drivers, if I recall correctly. I imagine things haven't gotten any worse.
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    It would depend on your needs of course, but generally speaking, yes. It will be more "futureproof" of a decision as well.

    It sounds like you have this part figured out in terms of what you are looking for. Of the obvious spec differences - the dedicated GPU and quad-core processor are arguably most notable.

    This I can't really comment on, but hopefully someone here can provide some information.

    I hope this helps.

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