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Mar 11, 2011
Hello everybody !

I bought for my aunt a macbook air at the beginning of the year, and she could not update the applications "Pages", "imovie", "Garage band" and "Numbers" which were already installed at the ignition ... It was indicated that these applications were associated with an account that is not her (although this is her first mac).

I called the customer service where a manager was quite cumbersome indicating that it was probably because these applications had been installed in a way that was not normal (he implied that they had been hacked). I insisted that it did not make sense because they are free, but he insisted that they should not be installed in this case because the id wasn't correct.

In short, I checked the list of applications of my aunt, and the majority was installed during the summer of 2018, with randomly installed applications (all from iOS) in November and December.

I bought myself a macbook pro at the beginning of the year (with the keyboard that repeat keys without reasons ...), and all applications are dated from the day I configured / plugged it.

Is it possible that this mac is refurbished? Does Apple have the right to do this without warning? To pay as if it was new a mac that has already been used? Or am I wrong and the apps can be dated from before the macbook was first configured?

Thank you for your feedback and sorry if there are mistakes I do not speak English well!


Sep 21, 2012
In the middle of several books.
From what you described, it sounds like a return slipped through the proverbial cracks, got mixed in with brand new models and was sold to your aunt. If you are within the return window, return the Mac and get a new one.

Stories like this are very rare but, I have heard about this happening twice over the years. Nothing nefarious on Apple's part. A simple mistake.
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