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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by yyc engineer, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. yyc engineer macrumors newbie

    Dec 6, 2010
    A couple questions about buying a refurbished MBA - probably the older model (i'm partial to the backlit keyboard...)

    1. Does the "OLD" MBA support intertial scrolling? I played around with one at BestBuy and it didn't (but maybe this is because they didn't so a firmware update?)

    2. Battery Life? The apple website doesn't explicitly say the refurbished MB's get a brand new battery (ipod's do). Since its no longer in production, what kind of battery would a refurbished "old" MBA ship with?? would it be like new?

  2. Hellhammer Moderator


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    Dec 10, 2008
    2. Refurbs are basically new so the battery should be in good condition.
  3. RobertPS macrumors newbie

    Dec 3, 2010
    1. Yes it supports inertial scrolling. It does not support 3-finger drag.
    2. Count on 4-5 hours with light use and backlight <60%, click2flash installed for browsing

    Do go for the model with SSD.
    It's been a week since I got mine (old stock, battery health is at 94%) and I love it.

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