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Discussion in 'iMac' started by mbhforum, Apr 30, 2017.

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    My current 2011 Mac Mini is showing it's age as despite upgrading to 16GB of memory, it's extremely slow at times while my wife and I are both logged in. The CPU and Memory are fine, but the lack of SSD is most likely not helping matters. I am considering purchasing this refurbished late 2014 iMac from GroupOn since I have a $150 credit. After the credit and no tax, it comes out to $1555 which seems like a pretty good deal for a refurbished 27" 5k retina Mac with a one year warranty. I am trying to compare this model to the newer ones, and I am only finding some minor differences such as DD3 MHz is faster (1867 vs 1600) and the processor is Skylake vs Haswell. I think the 5K retina is also nicer, but I am not going to be watching movies on this much, so I am not sure what value that will provide. Can anyone comment on the real differences in 3 year model differences? I am just shocked such little innovation has happened on these and it seems silly to buy new for 2k, when I can get a practically similar model for $500 cheaper.
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    If that company could happen to have an i7 4GHz model coming up I would hold out for one of that model, with a larger gfx card of 2/4GB and a 2/3TB Fusion Drive. This will make it more 'future proofed'.
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    I have this exact machine. That's a pretty good deal. The 1 TB fusion drive has a 128 GB SSD.

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