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Mar 27, 2005
i had a few quick questions on mac refurbs:

1. the powerbook g4's - when they say they have 512mb's of RAM, is there anyway to find out if that is 1 DIMM or two?

2. my mom is looking at the iMac's and would like to spend as little as possible. however, the iMac refurbs (at least of late since i started keeping my eye on them) don't seem to have an airport card. is it possible/easy to install an airport card? i know installing RAM on the iMac is supposed to be easy, but not sure on a card.

3. i've never purchased a mac refurb.. if/when i do, i will get the apple care, but beyond that does anyone have any warnings or suggestions?

thanks in advance!


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Dec 19, 2004
1. Ask the seller of the powerbook if one or two dimms
2. The airport is easy to install. When you remove the baseplate to add ram the airport slot is made available to.
3. Refurbs have always worked fine for me in the past. But now I only get used machines off ebay. Refurbs are usually overpriced and used has been a safe bet so far. As far as electronic devices go if it last a year trouble free it will last much much longer.


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Mar 27, 2005
thanks for the feedback. i'm glad to hear airports are easy to install on iMac's.

just curious, besides ebay where can one get refurbs? i was primarily looking at the refrubs on the mac site itself, that way i could get applecare..etc.

i worked on mac's in college, however, i've never bought one, so i'm still figuring it all out :)

thanks again

Simon Liquid

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Jul 4, 2001
Two places I know of.

Apple's webstore. Near the bottom there's a link for special deals. It has a graphic of a red tag by it that says 'Save.' I got my neighbor to buy a refurbished G4 iMac from there about a year ago and it worked out all right.

Then there's SmallDog. Here is a link to their refurb page. Never bought anything from them, I just know what I've read on their site.


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Apr 1, 2005
I have had refurbs before and I think they are great. Normally they are dead machines that have been repaired and bench tested so they should work straight out the box. Apple's own website is good but if anyone is in the UK try Cancom you can get an eMac for £337 inc VAT. Not bad i think.
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