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Jan 25, 2023
Hello Guys, just a quick question, does anybody know the actual security processes for when creating support threads with apple employees via immesage, or by calling in?

I accidentally created a support request via the iMessage way but I could not text the apple employee who received the case because I keep my phone running lockdown mode for security purposes and lockdown mode blocks the “business” iMessage function which is the function that is utilized when directly messaging apple support, so furthermore I called apple support and the representative said that they had closed my open cases.

Long story short my question is the following: When Creating Support Requests, do the apple employees that receive the cases have the ability to access confidential information regarding the users that submit the cases, like does it open up any abilities for lets say a rouge employee to gain access into an account? I know this is an extremely paranoid scenario but I am just curious about the possibility regarding this happening and I have not seen a straight answer from anywhere else regarding what the support employees receive when an individual creates a support ticket.

Thank you!
Have a good day/night.
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