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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by maximart4u, Nov 11, 2009.

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    The Mac Pro only has PCI express slots, which is a modern serial based
    standard. PCI is an old parallel based standard still found (for legacy
    purposes) in many pcs but not in Macs.

    There is no way to convert between the two (short of designing your
    own hardware of course! ;))
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    There would be the issue with OS X drivers for the riser and the eSATA card. Questionable if that works out.

    You also have to get Molex power from the optical drive bay via a cable through the bulk head hole. Not an easy retrofit but it can be done.
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    This is about the cheapest card I know of for the Mac Pro.

    Do you need this for eSATA or do you need for SATA slots? As there are several cards under $50 that provide more SATA or eSATA than the above card. Though I don't know how much they would run in the UK.

    Probably £500+ after VAT and import taxes.:rolleyes:
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    There's an inexpensive SIL3132 based PCIe SATA/eSATA card available on eBay UK (here, $2.80GPB). Certainly cheap enough. :D

    It only operates as a 2 port card, and you can use the jumpers to configure internal or external ports. Drivers for it can be found on Silicon Image's site (work in SL too; OS X driver page). It can't boot OS X, but it does provide Hot Swap in the drivers. Hot Plug would be satisfied with an external drive enclosure, as it has it's own PSU. :)

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