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    Jul 19, 2013
    Hey everyone, first things first, if I posted in the wrong forums please forgive me and Mods feel free to move the topic accordingly.

    Okay, just a simple question regarding iTunes and billing/payment.

    I'm using a Debit Card to purchase apps off the store, let's say for example I've insufficient amount in my account is it still possible to purchase the app first or will iTunes deny my card and request to top up $ before purchasing or will the app still be billed?

    I'm looking at this app that is on discount and the offer ends tomorrow so before it goes full price I was thinking of purchasing it first since payday for me is 2 days later. I am just concerned if this will cause issues and concern and will Apple ban my debit from future purchases if I do this (getting apps with insufficient amount in bank; if it ever goes through that is).

    Any insight and help very much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Nov 3, 2011
    This could seem like a mean post that doesnt answer question - here it goes.

    If you are not able to afford an app - I would highly recommend not purchasing it. If funds are this limited no money should be spent on apps at this time. (Very few exceptions to this rule)
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    This might be a 'little' nicer, but not by much.

    Apple generally will approve the transaction, when it goes to your bank, the bank will issue an insufficient funds notice that will go to two options depending on your bank (they could do an overdraft and issue you a fine varying in price on your specific bank; my credit union charges 25, bank charges 30) or just leave you with an insufficient notice in the negative. Both will put your iTunes Store purchases on hold. Apple will take your debit card as soon as it has sufficient funds restored to that card to cover the outstanding balance.

    Choose wisely cause this 'app' could cost you more in bank fines than what you'd save while it is discounted.
  4. defunct32 thread starter macrumors regular

    Jul 19, 2013
    Sound advice, I wouldn't call it mean if you're sharing your opinion on what should be the best course of action. Appreciated nonetheless. ;)

    Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it. This is why I always ask before proceeding with anything, luckily, the app isn't all that important, just that at its discounted price it is a steal to grab it while the price is down, otherwise no big deal.

    Thanks all!

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