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Jun 13, 2004
New to Dashboard and widgets and now I got 3 questions (did a search but couldn't find anything relevant):


When download a widget from Apple's site, it goes to the proper folder. But is there a proper way for it to appear on the Dashboard widget selector thing? Seems like I have to click an existing widget in the selector, then the windows do something crazy, I go back to dashboard and it's there. Is there a proper way for the widget to appear in Dashboard?


The default widgets are in the Macintosh HD > Library > Widgets folder. But the one's I download from the Apple's site made a new folder under MY NAME > Library > Widgets. What is the purpose of two different locations?


And finally. To uninstall a widget you just remove it from the Widget folder, right?

Thanks for any info :)


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May 13, 2005
1. Not sure
2. The idea is that the default ones are available for all users, but if your little sister decides to install the "my little pony widget", it doesn't show up for you, unless you too installed it ;) . its a bit like having your own background, its seperate for different users.
3. Correct. in the next update, i think there is some easier way of deleting widgets directly from the dashboard. i know you can actualy install widgets to remove widgets :D totaly insane!


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Jan 22, 2005
First off the 10.4.2 option will probably answer all of your questions. It will include a Widget Manager and will solve many dashboard bugs.

1.) Yeah I hope they fix this problem in 10.4.2. I just click on one of the side arrows on the the Widget dock so it loads the Widgets correctly. This is a major bug if you ask me because I am sure it has confused many people.
2.) Each user has their own Widget directory. Feel free to put whatever Widgets you want into the computers Widget directory so all users can see and use those Widgets. This way you don't have to install the same Widgets on multiple accounts and they will automatically be available in the Widget dock for the new accounts that are made on your computer.
3.) Yep, that's it.