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  1. Alan Mac Farlan macrumors regular

    Apr 16, 2015
    Hey guys.

    I just discovered a fix to do with iTunes and having Diagnostics happen with the iPhone.

    What happened was me reading all the problems with iPhone 5s that some are having and I wanted to register and have Apple Care all set up (I purchased Apple Care with the iPhone).

    So I hit the Search Button on how to Register the iPhone and it can be done over iTunes .. supposedly. I could not figure out how to do it .. so I contacted Support.

    They sent me a Diagnostics via email ... hoping it would get to my iPhone that was likely sick. As they wanted to run Diagnostics on my iPhone over the carrier waves .. not over the internet.

    Having the iPhone plugged into my iMac and having Apple Care run diagnostics over the internet ... seems to be the no brainer.

    Just plug it into my computer on the UBS chain .. and hook up that way .. real sweet and easy.

    So I put in the email story into Apple .. and they will get back to me in 24 hours for sure .. they are real good at that.

    But this is something to fix up ... it will make the customer happy and Apple Care more easy.

    Have a wonderful day you guys.


  2. Alan Mac Farlan thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 16, 2015
    Dearest Michelle:

    I got the iPhone hooked up to the iMac on the USB chain ... it is sync and has back up. That is not a problem.

    As the subject says ... I want to registered the iPhone if that is possible.

    What I have read on the internet ... if you search it up .. is that iTunes will registered the iPhone (it is a new purchase 1 April 2015) and I want to be sure this is done correctly as I also purchased Apple care with it.

    Anyhow .. while I was trying to figure out how to register the new apple product purchase I discovered that diagnostics is very hard to do.

    Apple sent me an automatic email and wanted me to open that email in the iPhone and over Verizon carrier wave do the diagnostics there, my email service is not the best and doesn't work well with Apple products yet.

    So ... this is a suggestion to Apple Tech Support.

    In the iTunes Application on the bottom where is listed manage your account, support, wish list and change country ... put in registered your apple purchase.

    So iTV, iWatch, iPod .... etc .... can all be put in with one click of the mouse.

    Also .. in the iTunes Application where one can click onto the (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc) icon on top where the music, movies, TV shows icons are.

    Click open the iPhone icon for example ... and a listing of settings comes up .. the first one being Summary ... followed below by Apps, Music, TV etc.

    In the Summary setting is the 'check for updates' ... 'restore' and "options" to manage your apple device .. well here ... would be a good place to put a 'diagnostics' button ... where one has to register their Apple product of course so that it is current.

    Then hit the 'diagnostics' button and while the iPhone or any of your electric toys you sell that has a USB lightening port on it ... will hook up to the iMac and get a diagnostics run by Apple over the internet.

    This way you can test the Verizon etc .. carrier waves from inside the home office while plugged in .. it goes much faster and the customer is more at ease with the plug and play aspect of what Apple produces.

    I can give you a phone call if you like .. to chat about this if this can be made more clearer that way.

    But ... right now .. diagnostics is a chore .. very hard to do.

    Also .. is it necessary to register my new Apple Product ... iTunes knows I have it plugged in ... at least on my computer.

    But the Apple Store on line ... doesn't know it is a recent purchase.

    I am concerned about possible future damage to the iPhone and the need for repairs ... it doesn't happen to all iPhones as it is a good device.

    It is easier having it all there instead of digging up the paper receipt and bringing that in after a year or so ...

    My very warmest regards.


    Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 4:07:46 AM
    Subject: Re: Register iPhone and have iTunes easy connect for diagnostics when iPhone plugged into iMac .. hard to do. Need help.

    Thanks for choosing Apple.
    Hi Alan,

    This is Michelle, your iTunes Store Advisor and I will be assisting you today.

    Based on your email, you want to sync your iMac to your iPhone. I can’t imagine how confusing the situation is for you. Rest assured that I sensed the urgency in addressing this concern.

    Alan, as an Advisor for the iTunes Store, App Store and Mac App Store, I handle issues related to billing, downloading, customer accounts, and the items available on those stores. Although your question falls outside of my area of specialty, I'd like to direct you to some resources that might help.

    Resolve USB-related alerts in iTunes

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    If there are still purchases that won't sync to your device after you update its software, I suggest reauthorizing your computer. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. From the Store menu, choose Deauthorize This Computer.
    3. Enter your account name and password, then click Deauthorize.
    4. Now from the Store menu, choose Authorize This Computer.
    5. Enter your account name and password, then click Authorize.

    Once your computer has been authorized, try syncing your device again. If the same issue happens, I suggest reviewing the following articles:

    You'll also find a wide variety of helpful iPhone troubleshooting tips, tutorials, and service information on this page:

    I hope this information helps you sync your purchases to your device successfully. If you continue to experience the issue, please contact our technical support team for further assistance.

    An AppleCare Advisor can tell you about our complimentary and fee-based support options and help you choose the best one. To find the phone number for your country, see this article:

    If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reply on this email. I am always happy to help.
    Sincerely, Michelle iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support

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    Hi guys. I have a new iPhone and I discovered it is very hard to register it with iTunes ... also there is no connection with iPhone to iTunes via the UBS hook up through my iMac. Easy to work security there, and also do diagnostics with the iPhone over the internet that way. This is something to fix on the iPhone App Store hook up and make life easier for the customer and you guys. So in closing my iPhone serial # is DX3NK1THFNJP and my Apple Care Agreement # is 970044015003410. Purchased 1 April 2015. iTunes has no record of that recent purchase but it knows my computer for sure. So how do I register the iPhone with Apple now that I bought it ? Alan

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    Apr 16, 2015
    Ok .. I talked with Bethany over at Apple Support on the phone.

    Turns out Registration is working over at Apple > Support > Welcome to my Support > Profiles. This is done over a web site and accessed from your browser like Safari and not on iTunes.

    I logged on with my iTunes ID and password ... and everything is there, including the iPhone apple care agreement and when that expires in 2017.

    Already done ...

    Chatting about putting Diagnostics into the iTunes where Backup, Restore and Sync are done with a click of the mouse was a good idea she thought ... certainly make her job easier.

    Turns out Windows OS has a Diagnostics when iPhone is purchase by a non Mac person. I don't know if Windows put iTunes on the iPhone as well.

    Anyhow ... iWatch, iTV, iPad .. if it has a USB lightening port on it .. plug it into the iMac .. and quick check diagnostics over iTunes.

    Or .. have a more extended diagnostics done over the internet with the iPhone or what ever toy Apple makes that has a USB port on it.

    Just put in the pass code for the day .. and voila .. you got game.

    So maybe that be coming out soon for us.

    Have a wonderful day ...



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