Registering serial number on used product?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by equalme, Sep 12, 2016.

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    So I purchased a used Mac Mini, used it for a few months, and sold it to somebody else on ebay. I had formatted and re-installed OSX prior to shipping it out. Now the buyer is nagging me about unlinking the serial number from the "support profile," and I can't since it is linked to somebody else other than myself. He states that since it is still registered to someone else, that they can still go in and remotely wipe the system. Is that true? If so, what can I do as I do not have contact for the person I purchased it from.

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    Two places:

    Log in with your Apple ID. If you see the computer you sold in your products list, click on it, and click Remove Product.

    Log in with your AppleID and see if the device shows up under All Devices. If it does, click on it, and click Remove from Account

    If it's not in either of these places, then it's not your problem.
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    That is not true. The support profile and iCloud are two different things. The remote lock/wipe is part of iCloud and you removed that when you clean installed.

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