Reimaging a drive on a mac (only ever did this in windows before)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by chrono1081, May 30, 2009.

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    Hi guys.

    Normally Id just try what I'm about to mention but since I wont be able to hook my mac up to an internet connection for at least 5 months or so I wanna ask before I do this since I have software that would need reactivated if this doesnt work:

    I need to upgrade my MBP's harddrive and on my machine now I have my bootcamp partition and my mac partition. My question is if I go into harddrive utility and create an image of the entire drive when I put that image back on my new drive will it recognize the new space?

    If that wasn't clear here is what I mean:

    I have the following:
    Mac OSX ->150GB
    Windows XP ->30GB

    New drive would be 500GB
    Would I get the following?
    Mac OSX->150GB
    Windows XP->30GB
    New Mac Partition->300GB

    From my understanding with the mac partition I can combine them and give OSX more space. Is this correct?
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    Here is what I would do if it was me...

    Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the OSX partition

    Use WinClone to clone the Windows partition

    Install the new HD

    Restore the OSX clone to a single OSX partition on the new HD

    Use BootCamp to repartition the drive

    Restore the Windows clone to the BootCamp partition

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