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    Sep 12, 2006
    Hey everybody,

    I have a new MacBook Pro, and I noticed that the 120 GB hard drive already has 30 GB's used up. I am pretty sure this is because of Mac OSX, and all of the language packs, etc. I would like to reinstall the operating system in order to get rid of unwanted add-ons that the computer came with. How would I go about doing this, and also, will I be able to reinstall iWork, which I ordered to be installed with the computer? Will this harm my computer in any way? Thanks for all the help in advance, happy holidays!

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    You can boot from the first DVD and do an Erase and Install, which will wipe the volume and reinstall from scratch.

    If you customise the installation, there will be an option to install iWork. By default it'll operate in trial mode, but you will be able to enter your serial number the first time you launch it.

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