Reinstalling a deleted "paid for" app

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Mischka07, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Mischka07 macrumors regular

    Sep 28, 2009
    Hi all,

    I recently deleted an application I paid for, but was wondering if there's anyway to reinstall it in the future via the App Store. Currently, when I try to download it from the App Store, it appears I will be charged for the app again.

  2. Eminemdrdre00 macrumors 6502a


    May 10, 2008
    It appears that way, but you wont be. As long as you're signed into the account you originally bought that app on, when you click "Buy" a pop up will display, telling you that you've already purchased the app. Then it will give you the option to download it again for free.
  3. outphase macrumors 65816

    Jun 13, 2009
    Parts Unknown
    What about for in-app purchases? Are those managed the same way as standard apps in terms of redownloads?
  4. RobT macrumors 6502a


    Dec 20, 2007
    Ohio, USA
    I've only done one in-app purchase so far. However, when I set up iPhone as a new phone when I upgraded to 3.1, the in-app purchase worked without me having to pay again.

    I was nervous as it looked like I was going to get charged, but the you already purchased this dialogue came up and all was good.

    Just my experience.
  5. bozzykid macrumors 68020

    Aug 11, 2009
    In-app purchases are different since they are tied to that particular phone. I haven't tried it yet, so I'm not sure what will happen if you try to re-purchase something like this. My guess is you will get charged.
  6. nburwell macrumors 68040


    May 6, 2008
    From experience, I have downloaded and re-downloaded an app I paid for. I was not charged for the re-download of the app. The App Store should recgonize that you already paid for the app with a pop-up prompt (at least that's what it did for me).
  7. CylonGlitch macrumors 68030


    Jul 7, 2009
    Here is a problem with the system. If you THINK you purchased the app, and click on the "Buy It" button; if you actually didn't, you end up buying it. This happened to me recently. I have a bunch of To-Do list apps because none have been exactly what I want. But I was reinstalling some and one, which had a name the same as another one I clicked on because I was confused and I ended up spending $2.99 on it. :(

    Just be very careful. I wish there was a prompt AFTER clicking on it, "You will be charged $x.xx, are you sure?" If you click on it and own it you get a prompt, "You have already purchased this app, do you want to download it again for free?"
  8. vertigo235 macrumors 6502

    Jun 6, 2009
    Are you CERTAIN about this? What happens when you get your phone replaced due to warrenty? Are you sure it's not tied to the iTunes account like all other purchases?

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