Reinstalling iPhoto?


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May 18, 2006
I have installed Frontrow on my PPC Mac Mini (well, my parents one!) and everything but iPhoto is fine. When i try to view slideshows through Frontrow it's VERY slow at starting them, and sometimes comes up with the 'iPhoto is not responding' error.

What i thought i'd try is uninstalling iPhoto and reinstalling it. However, i NEED to keep the photo libraries intact. There can't be any chance of them disappearing if i try this!

So, can this be done sucessfully? If so, how do i go about it?


IJ Reilly

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Jul 16, 2002
Before you try anything else, find the file <> in the directory user/Library/Preferences and drag it to the desktop. Restart iPhoto and see if that doesn't help.

I should also ask how you installed FrontRow on the mini. I didn't think this was possible.