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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by brn2rnjk1, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Our MacBook is running poorly (reboots necessary etc.) and it was suggested that we reinstall OS. We have a full SuperDuper backup of the HD. So, my easy question is once we have the OS reinstalled do we use SD to reinstall everything? It is my daughters Mac so don't want her to be upset if something is missing? Is it as easy as that?

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    Not exactly that easy. A true clean install will mean you are going to erase the entire drive then reinstall the OS. After that you need to manually reinstall each application and configure it (them)... then manually move documents and photos etc back to the machine.

    The Superduper backup can be the source for all that, but using the automated Migration assist or restoring from the Superduper backup (using Superduper) just restores whatever problems you had and defeats the purpose of a clean install.
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    I would do a time machine backup or use an external (usb HDD or usb stick or even a DVD, whatever has enough room) and copy all the files you want across.

    I take it that you have the DVD for the os or you can use the recovery partition on osx 10.7 and above. Hold down option on boot.

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