Reinstalling Tiger. How to backup and restore??

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ImNoSuperMan, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Dec 1, 2005
    My CoreDuo MB is going for repairs tomorrow(DVD and fan not working). The Apple guy told me that both the SuperDrive and the Fan will be replaced. Now I want to backup all my data first. Also since it`s been almost two years I`d also like to do a complete reinstall of OSX.

    But I couldnt believe when I found out there was no easy way to backup OSX. So I manually backed up my safari bookmarks, iCal and addressbook to an external usb drive. Then copied the keychain file to the usb hdd too. Trying to back up iTunes failed simply coz DVD drive is not working and I cudnt find a way to backup it to to the external HDD. Also iPhoto only gave me an option to export all the photos but no way to backup folders, smart folders, slideshows, iPhoto Books I had created.

    How do I backup iPhoto and iTunes completely. And how do i backup my iPhones settings etc saved inside iTunes? What bout all those lovely freeware apps I have downloaded from the net. How do I backup and restore those apps after a reinstall?(Will simple copy to the external drive and pasting the files back to the Apps folder after the reinstall work?) There should have been a simple backup and restore process atleast for all the user created files and settings. I know time machine in leopard will do the trick but what bout tiger?

    (BTW the external HDDs I have are all USB. No firewire.)
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    Just pull the folders out, or option drag them into your storage. (itunes, and iphoto library folders.)

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