reinstalling windows on new mac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by EGS1550, Dec 8, 2013.

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    Jul 13, 2012
    Hello. I have had a hard time finding out the proper way of doing this.

    I have a Macpro 1,1 which I am retiring and replacing with a new imac. The original machine was purchased from macmall with parallels and windows xp preinstalled. I want to be able to remove windows from the macpro and reinstall both parallels and windows on my new imac.

    I am going to assume that when I try to install windows on the new imac, Microsoft will assume this is piracy and prevent me from installing on a completely new drive. What do i need to do to make this work? I won't ever use Windows on the old machine as it will be removed entirely
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    You need the original Install Disks and Serial Numbers to install it. If you didn't receive them with the computer, you need buy the copies yourself.
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    Jul 13, 2012
    Thanks. I do have those and that is not my concern. I recall reading years ago that any major changes to your computer and the servers at MS are triggered and you cannot run/install Windows on the machine without some extra steps

    So since this Windows install is going on an entirely new drive (SSD) i imagine that it may give me errors unless I somehow make it ignore the old drive. Almost like deauthorizing in itunes. Is there an equivalent for a windows install? I don't want to have to purchase a new windows os all over again
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    Jul 30, 2003
    Someone else may be able to tell you if you can even install WinXP on a brand new Mac. Probably in a virtual machine, using Paralells, etc.

    As far as the Microsoft COA, I have done this a few times, when replacing motherboards in a repair shop. You would call Microsoft, explain that you are transferring Windows to another computer, give them your present code, and they will respond with a new code to use, which will allow you to install again.
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    Jul 8, 2011
    Ran into this issue when I had an iMac replaced by Apple due to many repair issues. When I went to install Windows on the new iMac it would not recognize the product key I had. But a window appeared with instructions and a phone number to call that stated I needed a new product key generated by MS to reactivate Windows. Phone call took about 15 minutes and I had the number I needed to complete the activation of Windows and all was good. This was a year ago now. Was easy to do. I was running Parallels 7 and Windows 7 Ultimate. Not sure if it will be same for you, but offering what the experience was for me.
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    Jul 13, 2012
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    My experience has been that RETAIL copies of Windows can be moved to a new computer. It does require a phone call to Microsoft and about 15 minutes of your time.

    However, System Builder (aka OEM) copies are forever locked to the first computer installed on, and attempts to re-register them with Microsoft will be refused.

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